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life fucking sucks

2021.12.03 00:11 putrefachan life fucking sucks

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2021.12.03 00:11 Professor6996 What’d you call a Grizzly with no teeth?

Gummy Bear
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2021.12.03 00:11 DeMappaussant I think it’s serious business here

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2021.12.03 00:11 EricLauber Seeking assistance to reverse engineer Jasco IoT product APIs

Hello! I feel like this post falls under multiple flair, but I can only pick one so Discussion it is. Hopefully this sort of post is allowed.
I have several Jasco (GE-branded) myTouchSmart switches at home. I bought these before I learned more about Home Automation and the advantages of self-hosting or some of the other platforms. Jasco lets you integrate their switches with Amazon Alexa or Google Home via their cloud services which are free (but for how long?). I thought it would be a fun project to try to reverse engineer both how the cloud services work, and how the switches themselves work. This may eventually lead to integrating with HomeAssistant or other products.
I've started a GitHub repository heredocumenting what I've found thus far, and am hosting it in an easier-to-read format using GitHub Pages here. I've only just started and haven't figured much out, and I would love some help from others who have been at this for a while. If you are in this space or are interested in helping, please do so on GitHub! Or if you don't have an account but want to post here, that's fine. I can update the repo.
I did check by the way, and the GE myTouchSmart In-Wall Switch is listed as unsupported on Tasmota's website.
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2021.12.03 00:11 littleshopofalchemy Offering readings

All topics welcome (: send a chat or message
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2021.12.03 00:11 tumamaselacome Algunos "memes" impresos que me encontre en una marcha contra la reforma educativa, Guadalajara (2013)

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2021.12.03 00:11 Future-Thought-2304 Santacoin aims to reward those who will shake hands with BUSD.Santa_coin #busd

Santacoin aims to reward those who will shake hands with BUSD — which means, if you hold Santa Coin, you will receive BUSD prizes. I like this project very much. I am sure for the success of this project. Santa_coin #BSC #Binancechain #BTC #C_z #Shiba #evergrow #cryptomoonshots #busd
u/cryptosantax #binance #christmas #bitcoin
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2021.12.03 00:11 Cautious-Student1770 Irrational light rail hate

Canberra was built for the car. I hate that phrase, but Canberran's both utter and hear it all the time. Let's spend 30 seconds breaking down what that phrase actually means on the ground though. What is a city for? What does it do? Is a city a place for people of all walks of life? A place for business? A place to meet? Human interaction? A place for vibrancy to happen? A place for kids to be able to run around, explore nature, take part in culture and the arts (an official human right for children)... in a nutshell, is a city a place for people to be people or... is a city a place for people who want to drive cars?
A city can be somewhere built for people, or a place built for cars. It can't be both.
Surely we want to live in somewhere that's fun, vibrant, happy, enjoyable... not somewhere that a toddler is likely to be killed if they accidently wander into the public realm unsupervised for 30 seconds?
Apparently not though. Based on the submissions that people have sent into the NCA regarding the light rail 2A project so far. People are angry, irrationally so. They're angry because despite all of the known negative externalities surrounding a large population using their cars for every errand, these people want to continue driving their cars through the centre of a growing city, without any hinderance. They want to be able to drive at speeds that we know will kill vulnerable road users. They also don't want their vista's interrupted as they do so. It's an incredibly selfish attitude, an attitude that car manufacturers have spent 100 years normalising.
I've heard a lot of hate for light rail... but the most illogical hatred is "it will cause congestion". What people who say this mean is "I want to continue driving my car when I want, where I want, how I want and don't want to compromise." I assume these people are also the ones who aspire to arrive in Civic with 10,000 other people and be able to park right out the front of their destination. A nanosecond of critical thought reveals this is not possible. Anyway back to trams.
Here is a video demonstrating just how much space cars take up compared to other forms of transport... keep in mind in the video they're showing 5x trams with 40 people on board. Canberra's trams have a max capacity of 207.
The private motor vehicle is the most spatially intensive form of transport that humans have ever invented. The primary source of traffic congestion in cities is not mass transit projects, not bicycles, not pedestrians... it's too many people driving cars.
The space required by cars becomes even worse once vehicles are moving.
Picture a 33 metre long tram at approx half capacity (102 people) moving at 70 km/h. Allowing for a 10 second safety gap, that tram is taking up 230 metres x 3.5 metres of space.
Now picture those 102 people in 85 cars (average of 1.2 people per car, typical for Canberra). The 3 most popular cars currently sold in Australia are the Hilux, Ranger and RAV4. The average length of these cars are 5 metres. For cars, a recommended safety gap at 70 km/h is 2 seconds, or 39 metres. To consistently roll along at 70 km/h with a recommended safety gap, those cars would occupy 3.73 km x 3.5 metres of lane space.
Let's do it with a tram at full capacity, 204 people. The tram still takes up 230 metres. But in cars, with an average of 1.2 people per private car, 204 people now take up 7.46 km if rolling along at 70 km/h. That's the distance from the Civic light rail stop to Mitchell.
I'm sure there's been some who have watched the above video and thought that widening the road would allow more cars to get through faster... yes... this is the logic used by politicians and traffic engineers for the last few decades. But widening road space wont fix it permanently... that will just make driving more appealing to more people, who will then start driving cars themselves, resulting in congestion returning (induced demand). Despite obscene amounts of money being spent on road networks worldwide since the 1950's no city in the world has ever built its way out of traffic congestion. It does not work.
The following ways have been proven to reduce traffic congestion though;

Which one of these sounds most appealing? Surely we don't want $50 pay parking on top of congestion charging?
Anyway, vent nearly over. If you hear someone passionately ranting about how Canberra's light rail doesn't make sense, spit flying in every direction, ask them what should be done instead? What should Canberra's transport systems look like when we hit a million people in under 100 years? What kind of city do we want for our kids and grand kids? Do we keep growing out? Hostile take over of Queanbeyan? Bulldoze Canberra's original suburbs to make Canberra and Adelaide Avenues 10 lanes each way? If we continue with the status quo, where do we put all the cars when they're not in use? Underground is too expensive. We have a housing affordability crisis as it is, and underground car parks can add $50,000 per space to the cost of a home. That's not fair. High rise car parks? Apparently high rise residential towers are blasphemous in this city, I cant imagine high rise car parks would be popular.
Shared autonomous vehicles and swarming aren't going to be an appropriate solution for a city either. Doubly so now that there's talk of pedestrians and cyclists being forced to wear beacons so that AV's can operate faster. What a dystopian nightmare.
Pollution is also a problem... while EV's will reduce tailpipe emissions within cities, when the additional weight of batteries is taken into account, the particulate matter emitted from tyres and the road surface wearing out is now becoming a problem.
So tell me John Dover, 50 year resident of Curtain who bought his quarter acre block for a box of matches and a song... Would you like Canberra to look something like Los Angeles in the next 50 years? Yet kids have to wear beacons and face masks as they walk to school so that the upper middle class can sit in their single occupancy AVs as they commute 50 km to work? Or somewhere where life is a bit more chill, built to a human scale, where kids can safely walk around city streets, where driving a car is not required? Somewhere like this?
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2021.12.03 00:11 stavis23 Is anyone interested in collaboration writing for a film project? My primary inspiration is Orwell’s 1984.

I’m looking to collaborate with some actual writers. Film people tend not to see literary merit in film writing, I don’t completely understand what I mean by that, it’s just a feeling of working at cross purposes when I present someone with my fragment of a story.
Anyway, the story I have in mind is tonally similar (in my imagination) to Orwell’s 1984. I love the story because we are brought into Winston’s world, and Orwell’s lucid descriptions of this fictional, totalitarian world put the reader in Winston’s shoes, in all his horror and ignorance.
Similarly, i’d like to convey attitudes like “Late Stage Capitalism” and “A Boring Dytopia” and weave these into a story about a con man and dark coming-of-age tale for his young adult niece.
Umm I guess that’s all i’d like to say, thoughts? Opinions? Thanks for reading
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2021.12.03 00:11 sburgess86 Initiation of ensemble kinesin-3 motility is regulated by the rigidity of cargo-motor attachment

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2021.12.03 00:11 MishBBfan I’m glad this subreddit exists

That other sub is just so toxic it’s unbelievable. Every other post is about how shitty of a boss Vince is, how everyone who’s ever been let go in WWE was completely wasted, or how great and perfect AEW is.
And this kinda stems into a bigger issue I have with some fans, why do they take this wrestling shit so seriously? What’s up with all of this “Such and such wrestler deserves this, such and such deserves that”, like how could you possibly care that much about the inner workings of a pretend sport? Don’t get me wrong, I love wresting, despite the fact that I’m what you would call a “lapsed fan”, but good grief, some fans just go overboard with this. It’s not that serious. It’ll never be that serious. Like, it’s fake. None of it’s real. But you would swear that some fans have forgotten this fact.
So even though this subreddit isn’t very active, it’s a nice and peaceful place to come to read more rational and level-headed takes on things. Although I can’t say there was a much of a point to this post other than the fact that I just had to rant for a little bit lol
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2021.12.03 00:11 parlejibiscoot Anju Bobby George wins Woman of Year Award from World Athletics

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2021.12.03 00:11 DorkyWaddles Can a soccer ball be used for kickball? Why do they typically use other different type of balls n Kickball?

I don't have the a playground ball or other common balls used in kickball but I do have my uncle's old soccer ball. Can this be used for practise? IN addition why do they almost never use soccer balls for the game and typically use other balls like the playground ball?
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2021.12.03 00:11 kennyart315 "Life Happens" made by me on ProCreate :)

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2021.12.03 00:11 VennTenn ProvidingEggs and The Main Course

Comment before pm. I'm providing eggs for super cheap. The payment methods I accept: CashApp, Venmo, PayPal and Crypto.
Please pm / chat me or shoot me a pm on dis Carryious#2043.
VennTenn Rep
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2021.12.03 00:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#805|+1022|170] Should I (27F) tell my (29M) husband that I’m leaving tomorrow morning if he stopped me last time? [r/relationship_advice]

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2021.12.03 00:11 WillManhunter "Take care of your teeth" - USSR school health poster, 1970s.

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2021.12.03 00:11 JayRaee The most stock I ever seen in Canada Walmart. Swipe right to see my error pack pull from the new poke ball tins.

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2021.12.03 00:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#7|+10392|1000] Woman repeatedly opens food and spits in it, reseals it and puts it back on shelf in supermarket [r/iamatotalpieceofshit]

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2021.12.03 00:11 dusyke [USA-OH] 10600K Avengers Edition, Gigabyte z570 UD, 16Gb 3200hz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Ram , and some fans [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Parting out the rest of my PC in prep for when I can slowly get a SFF build going, that and I was finally able to get a PS5 and Series X at MSRP, so those will be used thoroughly while I set that up.
CPU was used for about 5 Months alongside the CPU (It was from a very good newegg deal awhile back) with a EK liquid cooler, worked well for what it was used for, and it has the fancy box I guess.
Fans honestly were just some old fans I had in storage that i don't plan on using, these are plenty old, hence the dust, and will be cleaned up the best I can. The be quiets are Silent Wing 3s and the Noctua is a NF-F12
Want 145 for CPU, 110 for Mobo, will do combo deal of 220 for both.
For all fans just 40 shipped would be fine. They come with no boxes and no other parts except the Noctua still has its Low Noise adapter attached.
Ram is ram, lol. I want 60 for it.
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2021.12.03 00:11 AreYouReadyEddie Besta Question

Don’t know if anyone will be able to help with this query. I have a large 10+ year old large Besta frame, the front 4 doors of which I want to swap out for a more contemporary color from Ikea’s current offerings.
Given that they now charge per pack of hinges I am wondering if Ikea’s current panels are 100% “backward compatible” with the hinges I already have.
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2021.12.03 00:11 TheBeastSteve To all the great crews out there today, thank you!

This has to be my favorite season. So much fun stuff was added and I came across so many crews today willing to chill out and celebrate.
Lots of firework shows at Reapers and Smugglers while playing the new shanties. Sailing around on other people's boats and having others do the same.
It's enough to make a grown pirate weap...
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2021.12.03 00:11 sburgess86 Structural basis of dynamic P5CS filaments

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2021.12.03 00:11 Guyoy its....all...empty

did you know that ruffly 72 percent give or take is completely empty? i'm not talking in a metaphorical sense i'm talking [NO DATA] covers more than 70 percent (not counting the bonus levels and sublevels And secret/ deleted levels) of the 1000 levels and yet the last one was already submitted and approved (no offence to Jacobhunter005 ) but it might be sooner then later when stuff gets outdated and when that happens more levels well be gone. why didn't we start with the hundreds and go up instead 0f 999 all at once? i once made this post on the wiki and have come to this conclusion.
You can't break what hasn't been made.
even after all this ranting i still want that i will always be a part of this community, but i feel this is important.(also i'm thinking of writing something myself)
TLDR big mad for empty space :C
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2021.12.03 00:11 PirelliUltraSofts I’m happy we have title sponsors, but is anyone sick of Boost mobile and Adderton switching allegiance every 1 or 2 years?

Maybe it’s me, but it’s annoying, I swear a few teams won’t touch him ever knowing he can up and go at any point to anywhere else within a year of him being on your car.
This dude either has ocd or can’t make up his bloody mind.
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