About Payback

2021.12.04 06:59 centurionprime12 About Payback

Was thinking of buying the game but the reviews don't answer a lot of my questions. Was hoping the people who played the game could answer them
1) The sense of speed doesn't seem to be that great. It feels like the car is going really slow when in fact its going like 160 mph. Does it feel the same way when playing the game.
2) Is it too grindy? I don't mind grind at all. I mean I completed the national pokedex on every pokemon game till Black and white. But does it get to a point where you just feel like you hit a brick wall?
I think what I'm saying is does the grind become tedious?
3) The map. Is it like Rivals where you see the same location like a thousand times over the course of a 60 hour playthrough or is it more varied? And does it ever feel too empty? From what I've seen. it looks pretty good but I don't know for certain.
4) What's in the open world other than races and the derelict cars? Can you do head to head races with the AI like you could in Rivals? Are there little challenges or something of the sort?
5) Do I have to be always online to play the game?

And thats pretty much it. I think the game is fun. I've always wanted to play a Fast and Furious-esque Need For Speed game and while yeah, the protagonists are pretty cheesy, I think I can look past that.
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2021.12.04 06:59 Dutchsamurai2016 No toggle to turn off connect to public networks?

As per the title, under network preferences the only two options available are turn wifi on automatically and notifiy for public networks. I don't ever want to connect automatically to some network.
This is on a pixel 6.
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2021.12.04 06:59 yaillbro Why I think the trophy system and how arenas work suck

Pretty much, every time there is a new season, trophies reset. That means players with towers unlocked go where new players go, making the game pretty much unplayable for new players and resulting in them quitting because they can’t earn as much xp, which really sucks even when winning.
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2021.12.04 06:59 NeverGiveUp-1 I know! It is a tough day but SafeMoon will rocked up 🚀 Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts! We are lifting of 📡🚀🛰 LFG

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2021.12.04 06:59 XxparadoxalxX 9 month update

So it’s been around 9 months since I developed parosmia and 11 months since I caught COVID. So far in comparison to the first few months my parosmia has improved greatly. For the most part I could eat most things. I could eat meat and some stuff in oil now but the taste is still not 100% how it should taste and it’s off. Chicken still remains one of the meats that seem to still be bad but not much depending how it’s cooked. Now for the things that still smell would include my BO, onions, celery, sausages, things heavily cooked in oil, egg whites ( tolerable and able to eat but not the best), garlic, chocolate tastes weird but not disgusting so do cucumbers warm bread and lettuce. I hope this update helps people keep their hopes up that things will get better but this is a painfully slow process In the beginning I couldn’t even eat any meat or anything cooked in oil. I couldn’t even stand being near the kitchen or outside when there was food smells. I also had this ammonia or sulfur like smell that was the worst. I was surviving on a lot of cheese and tortillas for the most part. I’ll probably do an update again in a few months. If you have any questions fell free to leave a comment.
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2021.12.04 06:59 SaurikBro Does anyone have info about this subwoofer?

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2021.12.04 06:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - TV-radio listings: Dec. 4 | Houston Chronicle

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2021.12.04 06:59 NATOGOD- Omicron outbreak at Norway Christmas party is biggest outside S. Africa -authorities

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2021.12.04 06:59 EndemoDaWalker Owl with a mistletoe d!ck...

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2021.12.04 06:59 originalrize Wanna win some reddit coins ? here's how (2days ) 📷

Wanna win some reddit coins ? here's how (2days ) 📷 I really need your help to gather a community of on twitter on D2055 page :)
All of my sneaker NFT work are 100% hand drawn, please have a look and support me :)
you can see the art creation videos on my Instagram, below is link for my collection.
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I will make announcement on project once we gain some followers on twitter :)
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comment "Done with user name that followed on twitter and you will receive coins "
feel free to let know any questions
your support is appreciated !
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2021.12.04 06:59 NeedNoEducations What is this?

Does anyone know what kind of platform is SR? This is website
According to them, they perform virtual buying and selling of the products from amazon, ebay, macys and best buy etc. After order, they cancel the order and get refunds. They get commission from this way.
They tell us how we are going to make money is two ways: 1) Completing daily tasks. just need to click. It will take 5 minutes per day 2) bonuses and comissions
At first I ignored it because website looks scam. But, myself being crypto for so long, trading shitcoins, getting rugged by scam coins and liquidated many times in derivatives, I thought to give it a go. They have many membership levels, obv I chose the lowest one, VIP1 by paying USDT via Binance. In 20 days, I withdrew all of it by completing daily tasks. After getting certain profit, I upgraded myself to level 2 and earn daily income of $25 just by clicking. I know it seems scam but who cares? I withdraw $25 everyday to my Binance. So what is the risk?
What makes me curious is what kind of model is this? How is this possible to make money? The highest membership level is $6000 with daily earning of $350 just clicking.
My risk appetite is high because of trying random shit on internet, I found Bitcoin and ethereum and made enough.but with too much news, I put all those in cold storage and experiment with new things l. So I found SR
I EVEN checked their website is being hosted from Chicago by Cloudfare with people talking in groups having fake Chinese profiles from Chinese porn website
You already know its risks. But they been here atleast from April. Here comes my questions
1) if they are scam, why they have bank transfer facility. Bank is in korea. I can give details upon request. FYI it’s not easy to open bank in korea, especially it is being constantly monitored for foreigners or Korean with large daily transactions like SR
2) if they are scammers, why do they allow daily withdrawal directly into crypto? We can withdraw usdt , dai , ltc or any Korean bank
Please somebody help me understanding this kind of scam or new type of work opportunity. I just don’t know it yet
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2021.12.04 06:59 Fr4rion_ how would I go about creating this strut looking like thing?

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2021.12.04 06:59 Trzrz1234 We're all in this together guys

As you probably know, the crypto game is a psychological one. Sometimes it wants you to feel like you've got your life firgured out and you're on top of the world. Then the next day it wants to stab you in the gut and kick your teeth out.
I think you know which one of those two days today is. I just wanted to come here and say, we're all going through the same thing, stay together, stay strong. Mentally, do what you've gotta do to get through it. Complaining on places like here is probably a healthy outlet, let us know how you're coping. Personally, I'm probably just not gonna check my portfolio for a while.
No matter what short-term pain comes our way, remember the long-term goal.
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2021.12.04 06:59 Darren-B80 It seems to be a thing now that you need to spend at least 200 quid on Christmas lights for the outside of your house, or run the risk of getting called out & shamed on your local Facebook group

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2021.12.04 06:59 Arazyne Swap Option

Yeah, I kinda hate these posts, but MW22 should offer a swap option in your custom classes. It simply allows you to swap your primary and secondary weapons even if it's a pistol (I.E. you're not using Overkill).
The gunsmith is getting increasingly complex and remaking guns, even with the save option, tends to get a bit tasking. After experiencing Vanguard, it feels a lot more useful. I know MW22 will be a lot more simple, but it's still worth it. One of the past CODs had it as a perk, but that's just excessive.
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2021.12.04 06:59 Funny-Ad1273 Is AoE4 worth to buy atm?

As topic.. Is it worth it? Ofc it's a personal question but i wanna hear your opinion on this matter
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2021.12.04 06:59 klase-mwrh-fwrada Is the passepartout guy worth the items??? I already have Ariel embeled

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2021.12.04 06:59 Qumalo I'm a mastermind

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2021.12.04 06:59 reventh7 Hi everyone, any help getting this opened?

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2021.12.04 06:59 Hurdleflurdle Agression and loudness from the 'not' responsible neighbor

We live in a big house which is divided into 4 rooms in 3 floors. Me and my bf live on the ground floor. The neighbor from hell lives on the first floor, together with another neighbor (in seperate rooms, they are friends). On the third floor theres another neighbor (we'll call her NN (nice neighbor). NN recently moved in so we didn't meet her until a few weeks ago. Turns out her experiences have been even worse, and we have lost our patience. Here's a list of what the neighbor from hell does:
She's on welfare and sleeps during the day, so she's awake at night. During the night: -Having friends yelling up toward her window (in front of our window, so we hear it all) -Loud music all(!) night at least once a week (she's on welfare so she sleeps during the day.) -Painting her walls -Vaccuum cleaning -Big groups of people coming over, ringing our doorbell. (This has happened so often we have switched off our own doorbell as she didn't listen to our multiple requests for sleep and have her friends know to ring her own doorbell. NN has switched of her doorbell too, we figured that out later. XD) -Calling NN on the phone to open the door after the doorbells were taken out. -Slamming our shared front door (it sounds like she smashes it)
During the day: -Demanding she can use our WiFi and threatening to call our company and make it hers if we don't - this is an ongoing thing and comes back every few weeks. -Not cleaning out her garbage, which fills up our mutual isle with garbage and rats. -Borrowing my phone to call her boyfriend (because her own phone is ofcourse, broken) only to curse him out in front of me. Wishing him diseases and hoping he'd die. I've seen her switch from polite and kind to agressive. (This was so incredibly awkward) -Having fights with said boyfriend. NN found blood in the carpet in the hallway after. -Having NN driving her everywhere she needs to be. (She doesn't do this anymore now, as she's lost her patience too.)
The only way to calm the neighbor from hell down seems to be by following her and allowing everything. If we don't, she'll just continue until she gets her way. All agression or anger from her we try to discuss with her, she denies ever happened. For example: With the internet, her wanting to use ours, which we politely said no to, she was raging that she would call our company. We said that was impossible because they check in with the owners of the internet, and then she switched to raging about her expensive bills because of the internet and we ended up empathising with her money stress. That calmed her down for a bit and she went back upstairs, only to bring it up to the landlord in the mutual group app later, making it sound as if she wasn't allowed her own internet. When we mentioned in that group app we had already discussed it, she denied the conversation about the internet bills ever took place. She said the conversation about the internet was probably with her sister?? Even though she looks, sounds and acts the exact same, there is a mysterious sister we have never seen.
This is also the case for all of the above mentioned things, she claims not to be doing them. Only when caught in the act, but then she always has an 'explanation'. To this day me and my bf are still questioning our own sanity with her. We're grateful to have finally met NN who can acknowledge our experiences as real, but it still fucks with our mind.
Our landlord agrees with her needing to go, but he has limited power because she isn't really breaking laws. Do you have any idea of what we could do? Or even some petty revenge without it blowing up in our own faces?
TLDR; Our neighbor from hell is agressive and loud, but doesn't break laws in front of us and denies everything. Any ideas for petty revenge?
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2021.12.04 06:59 Bloodglas Good Smile's Kumoko plush is super cute

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2021.12.04 06:59 NoNameSimp Join the 10 - 15 Leaks 🔞 Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 06:59 MI1001IM A bit Zoomed in

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2021.12.04 06:59 Kristinasary Discord: morozilnik#0670 kristinamorozilnik🎏 on Twitter

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2021.12.04 06:59 jayexvii Oh boy…

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