First molting! Any tips on making it easier for him?

2021.10.23 10:40 beyzaw First molting! Any tips on making it easier for him?

If what the breeder said is correct, my cockatiel is about 5 months old and recently he started losing a bunch of feathers, he's more moody and demands even more scratches. I noticed he has these short, hard and stubby feathers growing which is normal from what I read, but I was wondering if there is anything more I should know about the process to make it easier for him! Thank you all :)
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2021.10.23 10:40 PatriotsCameraMan Me, reading Wutang DD

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2021.10.23 10:40 ventingaccount12345 Should I just leave the internet?

I keep on remembering abelistic shit I said when I vented in a mental health server, everyone got sick of it and wanted to ban me. I apologized but the next day I wanted to ask admins questions but yea I do admit I really pestered them and I got banned. Ever since I’ve been angry and depressed and I’m afraid my other friends will find out and ditch me. Including irl and online friends. Because it looks like I was trolling and it was probably trolling. At this point I think the only option would be to leave the internet and wipe my history off it so nobody knows who I am or what I did on the internet
Assholes like me should’ve been given a lesson a lot earlier
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2021.10.23 10:40 korvariak Darkrai on me 8779 9392 2940 :) Plis don’t leave

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2021.10.23 10:40 Sakura2232 The End of Days RP

The End of Days RP is a post apocalyptic themed rpg server for PlayStation. Scavenge abandoned houses for supplies, solve puzzles in the laboratories for big payouts, locate missing scientists, and more! Modded crafting costs combined with close to official stats, and boosted wild Dino resistance make this server more challenging than most. Come check out our discord and see if it’s your style.
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2021.10.23 10:40 Fluffypinkcandi Just got stood up. Should I still go out on a date if he asks me?

I matched with a guy and we have been texting for a week. He seems like a nice guy. Replies on time. Doesn't keep me waiting. Asks about my day, etc. He was on a road trip and just returned yesterday. We had originally planned on meeting tomorrow but he insisted that we meet yesterday after he reaches the city. He confirmed that we were still meeting yesterday in the evening after he reached. So, I left work early and reached the cafe where we had decided to meet. I text him to ask if he has left from home and he replies saying that he fell asleep. I tell him that I will wait for him to come. A few minutes later he sends a voice message saying that he's very tired and won't be coming after all. He wants to sleep. I was upset because 1. It he who insisted that we meet up on the same day after I finish work. sayin that he is excited to meet me. Although we had originally planned for tomorrow. I only agreed because he kept repeating that he couldn't wait to meet me 2. He just ditched me after I was already there and had taken the time and effort to reach there on time
I feel disrespected. I'm considering just telling him that we should probably not meet up at all? Am I overreacting?
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2021.10.23 10:40 pegiewegie VET kicking off a fresh market cycle. Looks like we are entering the hope phase.

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2021.10.23 10:40 kstx24 Weekend fun anyone?

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2021.10.23 10:40 deldarren “Hopefully I’ll be in and out” is a telling someone you’ll be quick. But technically every place you go into, you come out of. Except for first and last places you ever go into.

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2021.10.23 10:40 canspray5 Award-Winning Eco-Friendly-Business Entrepreneur is Yorkshire Party Candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor

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2021.10.23 10:40 sockmerchant Finished the Luna Gans.

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2021.10.23 10:40 alreadyrotten Watch out for the Raiders young safety tandem (Film)

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2021.10.23 10:40 TotalSatisfaction6 @【《NCAAF🔴LiVe-StrEAM】▷▷ Oklahoma vs Kansas Live Stream TV channel, NCAA Football live stream info, Oklahoma vs Kansas football game▷▷ Oklahoma vs Kansas NCAA Football live stream info, Kansas vs Oklahoma football game 2021/22 🔴 Live Football - Kansas vs Oklahoma, Kansas vs Oklahoma Live Streaming

Here's how to watch the Oklahoma vs. Kansas live stream online
Kansas vs Oklahoma NCAA Football live stream
Watch Live▷▷ Oklahoma vs. Kansas Live Stream
Watch Here▷▷ Oklahoma vs. Kansas Live Stream
Which is available on your Roku, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One or Series X/S, Samsung TV, LG TV, any device with Android TV (such as a Sony TV or Nvidia Shield), iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Android tablet
How To Watch
When: Saturday at 12 p.m. ET
Date: College Football - 23 Oct.2021
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2021.10.23 10:40 Chance-Philosopher-3 Control Termux from another device outside the local network.

Hello everyone, I want to control my huawei termux from my samsung termux I am doing it from sshd but my huawei termux closes by itself and I have to open termux and start sshd again, I would like to know how to achieve it or open huawei termux from my samsung, I tried termux-wake-look but it still closes I tried with termux-boot but it still closes it only starts when the cell phone is turned on, any ideas? I would like to be able to open termux huawei from my Samsung and from another network, I hope you can understand me, thanks for your answers
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2021.10.23 10:40 zuma0876 Any information about the opening date of dubai Hills mall, meydan one mall, al khail avenue mall, nad al sheba mall

What's the reason they are taking ages for the construction to get completed?
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2021.10.23 10:40 NotRealOpinions Jamie Chung

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2021.10.23 10:40 Petrarch1603 Bud Surf Map (1991)

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Can I avail deficiency math courses during regular semester or they are only available during summer semester?
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2021.10.23 10:40 TourPrimary2 Third Chapter of God Slayer is OUT! If you read My Manga/Comic please tell me what u liked and Disliked! (making it to improve at drawing and gaining exp)

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2021.10.23 10:40 badcompanyy Something else to help me fly

26/f. I’ve been on klonopin since I was 12 (no consistently, just for panic attacks). I have panic disorder, GAD, depression, ADHD… Klonopin doesn’t work like it used too. I need A LOT to get the same effect .25mg gave me back in the day. This is a problem by itself, but it also means I can’t fly….I’m extremely claustrophobic. I basically have to be drug lest be duct taped to a chair. But I have to fly…I have to see my family. Klonopin just doesn’t work the way it did (I mean unless I took like….an entire bottle of it to fly).
Is there something else that would work for this? Something else to help me be calm (or unconscious) enough to fly?
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2021.10.23 10:40 Synclicity Skalter + Aak combo vs big flower

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2021.10.23 10:40 ScandalousPeyote My pride and joy :)

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2021.10.23 10:40 flashisfastflashiske You are a patriotic and authoritarian socialist. 5 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 32 percent are more extremist than you.
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2021.10.23 10:40 wildflowersinmyhair Hello! Looking for a sub that can help us find the origin of a graphic t-shirt my mother got at Goodwill!

It's got an interesting, kinda funny looking character on the front. She loves it but she wants to make sure of what she might be representing. We've tried searching it every which way, even Google lens. No luck. TIA!
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2021.10.23 10:40 PoglaTheGrate I invite you to give us honest feedback in the comments on this lost Redditor's post. Danke
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